Professional Licensure Disclosures

Federal regulations require The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) to disclose whether its degree programs meet U.S. jurisdictions' educational requirements licensure (34 ยง C.F.R. 668.43). Some of UT Dallas' academic programs are designed to prepare students to apply for professional licensure or certification in Texas and may not meet education requirements for a license or certification for students who live in other states. According to NC-SARA Professional Licensure, "states and other government entities have established standards of practice for the occupations or professions they have chosen to regulate, and they provide legal permission to practice those professions only to individuals who meet those standards. This is called professional licensure: professions for which people need to meet certain criteria in order to practice in that field."

The UT Dallas student's location is determined by the mailing address (not the home address) listed in the student record. If the UT Dallas student, who reside outside of Texas, is registered for a UT Dallas academic program in a licensure field, the student will receive a disclosure notification prior to the first day of enrolled courses if the program does not lead to licensure or certification in their location. If registration occurs after the first day of the semester, the student will receive a disclosure prior to Census Day.

Due to frequent revisions of licensure regulations, you are strongly encouraged to contact the appropriate licensing entity in that state to obtain the most current information and guidance regarding that state's licensure and certification requirements before beginning an academic program. In addition to educational requirements, state licensure boards may require applicants to complete professional examinations, background checks, years of professional experience, jurisprudence exams, etc.

If you are considering a clinical or field experience in a state outside of Texas, state professional licensing board approval prior to beginning a clinical or field experience may be required in that state. Please check with your program's internship or clinical coordinator with questions about state professional licensing board requirements prior to beginning an internship or field experience in another state.

If you have any questions about professional licensure or certification, please reach out to the UT Dallas program contact listed below to assist you.


Academic Program(s)



MS in Accounting

Mary King

BS in Human Resource

Jeff Weekley


BA and BS in Education

Post-baccalaureate Program in Teacher Certification

Baylee Moster
Amy (AJ) Crowell

Amy (AJ) Crowell

UTeach Dallas Programs

Hailey King

MAT in Mathematics Education
MAT in Science Education

Emily Hennessy


BS in Biomedical Engineering

David Schmidtke

MS in Biomedical Engineering

Stuart Cogan

BS in Computer Engineering

Naofal Al-Dhahir

MS in Computer Engineering

J.B. Lee

BS in Electrical Engineering

Naofal Al-Dhahir

MS in Electrical Engineering

J.B. Lee

MS in Materials Science and Engineering

Lev Gelb

BS in Mechanical Engineering

Arif Malik

MS in Mechanical Engineering

Dong Qian

BS in Software Engineering

Neeraj Mittal

MS in Software Engineering

Jorge Cobb

MS in Systems Engineering

Stephen (Steve) Yurkovich

MS in Telecommunications Engineering

J.B. Lee

Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Doctor of Audiology (AuD)

Carol Cokely

MS in Speech-Language Pathology

Jessica Carter