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Instructional Program Codes

Major Code Long Name Level* CIP**
A&H Arts and Humanities B 24.0103
ACCT Accounting B, M 52.0301
ACN Applied Cognition and Neuroscience M 26.1501
ACTS Actuarial Science B 52.1304
AHST Art History M 50.0703
AIM Accounting and Information Management B, M 52.0301
AMS American Studies B 05.0102
AP Art and Performance B 50.0101
APHY Applied Physics M 40.0801
ARAB Arabic area of study
ARHM Arts and Humanities B 24.0103
ARTS Arts area of study
ASOC Applied Sociology M 45.1102
ATCM Arts, Technology, Communication and Media
ATEC Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication B, M, D 50.0102
AUD Audiology P 51.0202
BA Business Administration B 52.0201
BBSU Behavioral and Brain Sciences Undergraduate
BCBM Bioinformatics and Computational Biology M 26.1103
BCHM Biochemistry B 26.0202
BCM Biology - Cell and Molecular M, D 26.0406
BCOM Business Communication
BIO Biology B 26.0101
BIOL Biology B 26.0101
BIOT Biotechnology M 26.1201
BIS Interdisciplinary Studies - Bachelor B 30.9999
BLAW Business Law
BMEN Biomedical Engineering B, M, D 14.0501
BPS Business Policy and Strategy B, M 30.7102
BUAN Business Analytics area of study
CE Computer Engineering B, M, D 14.0901
CGNS Cognition and Neuroscience D 26.1501
CGS Cognitive Science B 30.2501
CHEM Chemistry B, M, D 40.0501
CHIN Chinese area of study
CJS Crime and Justice Studies B 45.0401
CLDP Child Learning and Development B 42.2703
CMSD Communication Sciences and Disorders D 51.0201
COMD Communication Disorders M 51.0201
COMM Communications area of study
CRIM Criminology B, M, D 45.0401
CRWT Creative Writing area of study
CS Computer Science B, M, D 11.0101
CSTP Cyber Security, Technology, and Policy M 11.1003
DANC Dance minor
DMTH Developmental Mathematics 32.0104
DRAM Drama area of study
DRC Industrial Chemistry M, D 40.0501
DRDG Developmental Reading 32.0104
DSC Data Science B 30.7001
DWTG Developmental Writing 32.0104
ECO Economics B 45.0601
ECON Economics M, D 45.0603
ECS Engineering and Computer Science
ECSC Engineering and Computer Science Co-op
ED Education B 13.0101
EE Electrical Engineering B, M, D 14.1001
EEBM Electrical Engineering: Biomedical Applications of Electrical Engineering B, M, D 14.1001
EECS Electrical Engineering: Control Systems B, M, D 14.1001
EECT Electrical Engineering: Circuits and Systems B, M, D 14.1001
EEDG Electrical Engineering: Digital Systems B, M, D 14.1001
EEGR Electrical Engineering - Graduate B, M, D 14.1001
EEM Electrical Engineering - Microelectronics B, M, D 14.1001
EEMF Electrical Engineering: Solid State Devices & Micro Sys Fabric B, M, D 14.1001
EEOP Electrical Engineering: Optical Devices, Materials & Systems B, M, D 14.1001
EEPE Electrical Engineering: Power Electronics and Energy Systems B, M, D 14.1001
EERF Electrical Engineering: RF & Microwave Engineering B, M, D 14.1001
EESC Electrical Engineering: Signal Processing & Communications B, M, D 14.1001
EET Electrical Engineering - Telecommunications B, M, D 14.1001
EGM Mathematical Sciences - Engineering Mathematics M 27.0301
EMAC Emerging Media and Communications B, M 09.0702
EMBA Executive Master's in Business Administration M 52.0201
ENGS Engineering Science
ENGR Engineering
ENGY Energy Management M 52.1399
ENMG Energy Management M 52.1399
ENTP Innovation and Entrepreneurship M 52.0701
ENVR Environmental Sciences area of study
EPCS Engineering Projects in Community Service
EPPS Economic, Political and Policy Sciences
FERM Financial Engineering and Risk Management M 27.0305
FILM Film Studies minor
FIN Finance B 52.0801
FREN French area of study
FTEC Financial Technology and Analytics M 27.0305
GEOG Geography B 45.0701
GEOS Geosciences B, M, D 40.0601
GERM German area of study
GIS Geospatial Information Sciences B 45.0702
GISC Geospatial Information Sciences B 45.0702
GLBS Global Business B 52.1101
GNDS Gender Studies B 05.0299
GOVT Government & Politics B 45.1001
GRS Graduate Studies 99.9999
GRU Graduate Studies - Special 99.9999
GSIS Geospatial Information Sciences M, D 45.0702
GST Gender Studies B 05.0299
HCLM Healthcare Leadership and Management M 51.0701
HCMG Healthcare Management M 51.0701
HCS Behavioral and Brain Sciences
HDCS Human Development Communication Sciences D 51.0201
HDCD Human Development Early Childhood Disorders M 42.0701
HDEC Human Development Early Childhood Disorders M 42.0701
HIST History B, M 54.0101
HLTH Healthcare Studies B 51.0000
HMGT Healthcare Management M 51.0701
HONS Honors Course
HRM Human Resource Management B 52.1001
HS Historical Studies B 54.0101
HST Historical Studies B 54.0101
HUAS Humanities - Aesthetic Studies M, D 24.0103
HUED Humanities - Education M 24.0103
HUHI Humanities - History of Ideas M, D 24.0103
HUMA Humanities M, D 24.0103
HUSL Humanities - Studies in Literature M, D 24.0103
IDEA Humanities - History of Ideas M, D 24.0103
IMS International Management Studies M, D 52.1101
INEN Innovation and Entrepreneurship M 52.0701
INTS Information Technology and Systems B 11.0103
IPEC International Political Economy B, M 44.0504
IS Interdisciplinary Studies B, M 30.9999
ISAE Interdisciplinary Studies - Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication B, M 30.9999
ISAH Interdisciplinary Studies - Arts and Humanities B, M 30.9999
ISEC Interdisciplinary Studies - Engineering and Computer Science B, M 30.9999
ISGS Interdisciplinary Studies - General Studies B, M 30.9999
ISHD Interdisciplinary Studies - Human Development B, M 30.9999
ISIS Interdisciplinary Studies B, M 30.9999
ISNS Interdisciplinary Studies - Natural Sciences B, M 30.9999
ISSM Interdisciplinary Studies - Management B, M 30.9999
ISSS Interdisciplinary Studies - Social Sciences B, M 30.9999
ITSS Information Technology Systems
JAPN Japanese area of study
KORE Korean area of study
LANG Languages (Foreign) area of study
LATS Latin American Studies B, M 05.0107
LIT Literature B 16.0104
LITR Literature B, M, D 16.0104
LOD Leadership and Organizational Development M 52.0213
MAIS Interdisciplinary Studies - Master M 30.9999
MAP Mathematical Sciences - Applied Mathematics B, M, D 27.0301
MAS Management and Administrative Sciences M 52.1301
MATH Mathematics B, M, D 27.0101
MB Molecular Biology B 26.0204
MBA Master's in Business Administration M 52.0201
MBC Cohort Master's in Business Administration M 52.0201
MBG Global Master's in Business Administration - online program M 52.0201
MECH Mechanical Engineering B, M, D 14.1901
MECO Managerial Economics area of study
MED Mathematics Education M 13.1311
MEDM Medical Management M 51.0701
MGIS Geographic Information Systems M 45.0702
MIMS Master's in International Management Studies - online program M 52.1101
MIS Information Technology and Management M 11.0401
MITM Information Technology and Management M 11.0401
MKT Marketing Management B 52.1401
MPA Masters of Public Affairs M 44.0401
MPP Public Policy M 44.0501
MRKT Marketing Management M 52.1399.01
MSAE Applied Economics M 45.0602
MSC Management Science M, D 52.1301
MSCE Materials Science and Engineering M, D 14.1801
MSEN Materials Science and Engineering M, D 14.1801
MSPM Business Administration, Project Management - online program M 52.0201
MTHE Mathematics Education M 13.1311
MUSI Music minor
NATS Natural Science
NSC Neuroscience B 26.1501
OB Organizational Behavior area of study
OBHR Organizational Behavior/Human Resources area of study
OPRE Operations Research area of study
PA Public Administration B 44.0401
PAFF Public Affairs B, M, D 44.0401
PHIL Philosophy B 38.0101
PHIN Physical Instruction
PHYS Physics B, M, D 40.0801
POEC Political Economy D 44.0501
PPOL Public Policy B 44.0501
PPPE Public Policy and Political Economy D 44.0501
PSCI Political Science B, M, D 45.1001
PSCL Political Science - Constitutional Law M 45.1001
PSLS Political Science - Legislative Studies M 45.1001
PSY Psychology B 42.0101
PSYC Psychological Sciences M, D 42.2704
PSYS Psychological Sciences M, D 42.2704
REAL Real Estate area of study
RELS Religious Studies area of study
RHET Rhetoric area of study
RMIS Risk Management and Insurance
SCE Science Education M 30.0101
SCI Science
SCMT Supply Chain Management M 52.1301
SDAR Social Data Analytics and Research M 45.0102
SE Software Engineering B, M, D 14.0903
SMED Science Math Education
SOC Sociology B 45.1101
SOCS Social Science
SPAN Spanish area of study
SLHS Speech, Language, and Hearing Science B 51.0204
SLHS Speech, Language, and Hearing Science D 51.0201
SPAU Speech Pathology and Audiology B 51.0204
STAT Statistics M, D 27.0501
SYSE Systems Engineering
SYSM Systems Engineering and Management M 14.2701.00
TE Telecommunications Engineering M, D 14.1004
TED Teacher Education certificate
THEA Theatre area of study
UGS Non-degree Seeking Undergraduate 99.9999
UND Undeclared - Undergraduate 24.9999
UNIV University Course
UNK Unknown
VIET Vietnamese area of study
VPAS Visual and Performing Arts B, M, D 50.0101

* B = Bachelor's, M = Master's, D = Doctoral, P = Professional

** Classification of Instructional Programs. The CIP is a taxonomic coding scheme that contains titles and descriptions of primarily post-secondary instructional programs. It is the accepted federal government statistical standard on instructional program classifications.

Additional Codes

Code Definition
D Doctoral Student
FR Freshmen (completed less than 30 credit hours)
JR Junior (completed 54-89 credit hours)
LD Lower Division (freshman and sophomore)
M Master's Student
PB Post-Baccalaureate (has earned a bachelor's degree)
PB-GR Post-Baccalaureate taking graduate hours
PB-UG Post-Baccalaureate taking undergraduate hours
SO Sophomore (completed 30-53 credit hours)
SR Senior (completed 90 or more credit hours)
UD Upper Division (juniors and seniors)