Microcredentials at UT Dallas

At the heart of UTD's mission lies the opportunity to support and encourage Lifelong Learning. The new Microcredentials Initiative is rooted and designed to align with UTD's visionary goals. Each of these goals reflect UTD's dedication to positively impact the lives of our students, faculty, and staff by:

  1. Answering the questions and challenges faced by the public.

Through microcredentials, UTD provides practical solutions to meet the demands in an ever-changing field. Whether it's upskilling for career advancement, mastering a new technology, or understanding complex societal issues, UTD's efforts benefit a broader community.

  1. Readying students to thrive in a diverse national and global society.

In an interconnected world, adaptability and cultural fluency are paramount. UTD's microcredentials prepare students to thrive in a diverse national and global society. Whether navigating cross-cultural communication, understanding global markets, or collaborating across borders, these credentials empower learners to succeed on a global stage.

About UTD's Microcredential Initiative

Recognizing the complexity of the initiative, UTD has implemented pathways aligning with UTD’s vision goals ,  THECB’s Building a Talent Strong Texas Strategic Plan, and  UT System Texas Credentials for the Future Initiative.

Microcredentials provide more flexibility than traditional degrees, serve to recognize the acquisition of skills, and can be offered as stand-alone credentials or embedded within larger programs. UTD has enacted Academic Credentials Policy UTDPP1120 in response to the growing interest in providing students alternate pathways to earn credentials including our current options below.

Homegrown Microcredentials

Academic units and divisions may propose new microcredential programs. For faculty/deans wishing to create a new academic microcredential, please fill out the Academic Microcredential Proposal template as found on the New Certificate Program Forms page on the Provost's website.

For non-academic requests, please submit an intent email to microcredentials@utdallas.edu and the program manager will set up a meeting to discuss more.

Coursera + UTD Partnership

The UTD’s Microcredentials Initiative soars to new heights by partnering with Coursera, a leading lifelong learning platform. As part of a UT System wide program, UTD students, faculty, and staff have free access to Coursera’s Career Academy.

Digital Badges

To further recognize the completion of microcredentials, or other scholarly programs throughout UTD, a new digital badge initiative has also been established. UTD has partnered with Canvas Credentials to award digital badges for all new or existing programs that qualify.

To view our current digital badges catalog, please visit the official UTD Canvas Credentials page.

As we continue to explore Microcredential Opportunities, we welcome the opportunity to help our stakeholders directly. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email: microcredentials@utdallas.edu.