OISDS Contact List

Serenity Rose King

Serenity Rose KingPh.D.

Associate Vice President for Institutional Success and Decision Support; SACSCOC Liaison; THECB Liaison

Vy Trang

Vy TrangM.B.A.

Assistant Director of Institutional Success and Decision Support

  • OISDS operations management
  • Scheduling a meeting with Associate Vice President Dr. Serenity Rose King
  • Lead UTD
  • Best practices policy/procedure research
  • UT Dallas' accreditation efforts and activities
  • Accreditation and constituent relationship management (CRM) committees
  • Review documents such as customized program proposals for study abroad, special session course request forms, hardcopy agreements and memorandums of understanding, etc. prior to review/signature by Associate Vice President Dr. Serenity Rose King
  • Status of concurrent course approval forms

Tommi Smith

Decision Support Specialist

Raul Hinojosa Jr.Ed.D.

Senior Director for Policy and Process Improvement

  • Primary contact for CRM change management
  • Review of existing policies
  • New policy development and adoption
  • Chair regular meetings of Handbook of Operating Procedures Committee as university policy coordinator
  • Develop and launch Data Literacy Fellows program in collaboration with other OISDS staff

Programs, Policy, Accreditation, and Assessment

Mary Jo Venetis

Mary Jo VenetisPh.D.

Senior Director for Institutional Success

  • UT Dallas' accreditation efforts and activities
  • Review and report substantive changes made within state and federal regulations related to accreditation needs
  • Review and edit new or revised academic program proposals, policy, and curricula changes in relation to substantive change policy
  • Best practices research
  • Faculty credentialing
  • Authorized degree and certificate program matrices
  • School leadership and program/department rosters
Gloria Shenoy

Gloria ShenoyPh.D.

Director of Academic Assessment

  • Writing learning outcomes for your course or program
  • Discuss ways to use the collected data on student learning
  • Program curriculum alignment and mapping including Curricular Analytics
  • Constructing qualitative research questions and data analysis
  • Hyoka (UTD learning outcomes assessment repository)
  • Syllabus feedback
Melissa Ray

Melissa RayPh.D.

Director of Administrative Assessment

  • Assessment and evaluation plans for trainings, programs, initiatives, and educational interventions
  • Survey design (including question writing)
  • Goal setting and outcomes development for administrative of academic support units
  • Measure development, including measures of program effectiveness and learning
  • Analysis of assessment data (including survey data) and communicating results
Lance K. L. Bennett

Lance K. L. BennettEd.D.

Director of Core Curriculum Assessment and Decision Support

  • Core curriculum assessment
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) accreditation
  • Strategic initiatives
  • Graduate education policy
Andrea D. Stigdon

Andrea D. Stigdon

Program Specialist II

  • Documentation pertaining to academic program proposals
  • Faculty profiles and credentialing
  • School leadership and program/department rosters
  • Special projects as assigned
Sarah Saeed

Sarah SaeedM.Ed.

Program Coordinator

  • Electronic course evaluation process
  • Updating Degree Program Faculty List for undergraduate and graduate catalogs
  • Ensuring the accuracy of faculty records as it relates to faculty credentialing
  • Troubleshooting faculty records (transcripts, CVs)
  • Managing the post-assessment and/or institutional research documentation process including but not limited to reports, surveys, analytics, and other processes
Yuliana Butchko

Yuliana ButchkoM.S.

Micro-credentials Program Manager

  • Microcredential proposals, best practices, and policy
  • Coursera set up, eLearning integration, and analytics
  • Canvas Badging set up, design, awards, and analytics

Institutional Research, Analytics, and Reporting

Tanisha Arrington

Tanisha ArringtonPh.D.

Senior Director of Institutional Reporting and Analytics

  • Establishing methodology for data mining and analytics projects
  • Designing visualizations, story-driven reports, and dashboards
  • Identifying, analyzing, and interpreting trends or patterns in complex data sets to uncover insights
  • Acquiring data from primary and secondary data sources
  • Defining and tracking performance metrics
  • Employing agile and traditional project management strategies

Vicky Jo Morris-Dueer

Assistant Director of Institutional Reporting and Analytics

Chris Wendt loading=

Chris WendtPh.D.

Associate Director, Institutional Research and Analytics

  • Applications and admissions cohort characteristics and trends
  • Enrolled student characteristics and outcomes
  • Faculty characteristics and trends
  • Designing and evaluating trends, programs and processes to improve workflow and outcomes

Henok GebrehiwotMSIS, GISP

Senior Institutional Research Analyst

  • Assist in fulfilling institutional data inquiries and supporting initiatives
  • Serve as lead analyst for major external surveys
  • Ensure the integrity & accuracy of data, and perform statistical analysis
  • Support the institution by providing assistance with data visualization and analytical tasks
  • Provide recommendations for improvements to processes and policies
Shawn Nash Stewart

Shawn Nash StewartM.S.

Senior Institutional Research Analyst

  • Collecting data for assessing institutional effectiveness and student success
  • Dashboards and data visualization
  • Screening, cleaning, and analyzing data
  • Summarizing and reporting out data findings
  • Compiling data from multiple sources
Holly Cook-Heines

Holly Cook-HeinesM.A.

Institutional Research Associate

Douglas ChristensenM.S.

Business Intelligence Analyst for Data Engineering Support

Institutional Success Technology

Wray Weldon

Wray WeldonPh.D.

Assistant Vice President for Institutional Success Technology

  • Data warehouse access, reporting, and support
  • Business intelligence solutions
  • Optimizing data management and automation
  • System integration and middleware development
  • Web application technology

Juncheng (Jessie) WuM.Eng

Director of Data Warehouse

  • Data warehouse access, reporting and support
  • Data issues or questions in data warehouse
  • Business intelligence solutions
  • Add internal or external data to data warehouse to support reporting/analytics needs
  • Performance tuning of the queries and reports
  • Optimizing data ingestions and transformations
  • System integration and middleware development
  • Web application development and support for reporting

Muhammad McIntee-Masud

Manager of Information Technology

  • Backend and database development for WAT sites and applications
  • Designing databases to support front facing web applications
  • WAT application troubleshooting and support
Jim Burton

Jim Burton

Data Warehouse Systems Analyst

  • Assisting you in getting access to the Data Warehouse or Data Warehouse reports in generated Excel or Power BI
  • Produce new reports that can be scheduled so you can make the right decisions
  • Get information from University operational systems or external data sources so it can be housed in our Data Warehouse
  • Develops and support in house Web applications to manage information

Jeffrey Scroggins

Data Warehouse Systems Analyst

Walter Padilla

Walter Padilla

Programmer Analyst II

  • Granting access to, developing, and scheduling data warehouse reports in both Power BI and Excel
  • Developing and providing ongoing support for data warehouse applications and processes
  • Analyzing external data sources and creating processes that feed necessary data to the data warehouse
  • Working as a collaborative team member with people in other departments to analyze and solve technical issues
Robert (Erin) Leeper

Robert (Erin) LeeperM.F.A.

Senior Web Developer

  • UX/UI design and development for WAT sites and applications
  • Website administration and support
  • eForms
  • Dox/DoxSign
  • Faculty Letters
  • WAT application support
Ramona (Mona) Woodward

Ramona (Mona) WoodwardM.L.S.

Web Coordinator

  • eForms
  • UES Course Evaluations
  • CourseBook
  • StudentBook
  • FacultyBook
  • Policy Navigator
  • Dox/DoxSign


Sydney Mercier

Web Specialist

  • Frontend development for WAT sites
  • eForms
  • Dox/DoxSign

Shameena KoodanM.C.A.

Web Software Developer

  • Backend development and maintenance of WAT applications
  • Troubleshooting and solving technical issues with WAT applications

Dennis WangM.B.A.

Web Software Developer

  • Development and maintenance of WAT applications
  • WAT application user support


KatyBelle EdwardsM.S.

CRM Implementation Project Manager

  • Questions related to the university-wide CRM implementation initiative