Assessment Resources

Our desire to improve student learning drives assessment at UT Dallas. We have collected a few resources to help you in course planning and assessment. Please click on a heading below to expand.

Forms & Templates

Please visit Hyoka Assessment Tool.

Clarifications on Reports and Plans: Let's think of a report as two parts. Part A consists of what you plan on doing this year for assessment (fill out the column labeled measure). This is also known as an Assessment Plan. Part B then looks at the past year of what you've done for assessment (fill out the columns labeled results and plan along with the summary sections). A full Assessment Report is part A that was filled out last year plus part B that you're filling out this year. Each year you will hand in Part A from the current school year (Assessment Plan) and part B from the previous school year (making it an Assessment Report).

The expectation at UT Dallas is for all program learning outcomes to be assessed every academic year. The manner in which each outcome is assessed is left up to the program.


Gloria Shenoy
Director of Academic Assessment
Academic and non-academic assessment

Melissa Ray
Director of Administrative Assessment
Administrative assessment