Coursera + UTDallas

The University of Texas at Dallas’ Microcredentials Initiative includes partnering with Coursera, a leading online learning platform. Through the partnership, all UTD Students, Faculty, and Staff have free access to Coursera’s Career Academy.

Coursera’s Career Academy, offering over 35 Professional Certificates, provides co-curricular embedded experiences, and specialized and competitive knowledge. Completing any of the Professional Certificates currently available allows students to increase their skillsets ensuring agility and adaptability in a rapidly changing workforce.

The Coursera Career Academy offers content for a variety of on-demand subjects including:

  • Cyber Security
  • Project Management
  • Data Analysts
  • UX Designer
  • Front-End/Back-End Developers

According to one study (EMSI, Burning Glass, 2020), students from various diverse fields may increase their salaries by supplementing their education with professional certificates. Some increases include:

Calling all UTD Faculty

With all these benefits readily available, we are inviting all UTD Faculty to explore the utilization of this new resource. With varying levels of adoption, faculty have full control to decide the most suitable approach based on their programs’ goals and student needs.

Faculty can choose between assigning or embedding a Coursera Career Academy course by itself or assigning or embedding a whole Coursera Career Academy Professional Certificate. The chosen content can be directly aligned with their UTD courses or provide supplemental skills in independent areas.

Faculty can start embedding Coursera’s Career Academy content within any of their existing UTD courses today.

Did you know?

You can request 1-1 or group workshops to discuss what content to assign/embed, how to use the LTI, additional eLearning integrations, or other topics. To request an appointment, please email:

Available Now:

  • Visit the Coursera General Questions page for additional clarifications
  • Explore the Coursera Resources. View an at-a-glance catalog of the industry professional certificates available, instructions to join Coursera, and a guide to use the Coursera LTI in eLearning.
  • Join the Career Academy for UT Dallas Faculty program to explore in-depth the content you’d like to assign/embed or to pursue professional development opportunities. To access the Coursera platform, please visit the eLearning Landing page and choose the appropriate link.